Thursday, 20 February 2020

Today was a good day

James ignored the warnings about contaminants in the water he had a date and he wasn't going to show up smelling bad, not when there was a chance he might get some action.

Setting under the hot sweet smelling water he sighed as it washed away his sweat, his body hair and every trace of his masculinity.It only took a minute to leave his body soft and curvaceous then, after she was done Jenny stepped from the shower feeling like a new woman.

It didn't strike her as odd that she was preparing for a date with a woman, women could be fun too even if she usually preferred men. She did find it a little puzzling that none of the drab masculine clothes in her wardrobe fit her properly but that was easily rectified. There were still a few hours before her date, plenty of time to buy herself a new outfit.

She smiled at the thought as she pulled on a set of baggy gym clothes, a hot date and shopping? Today just kept getting better.

X-Change; Ass man

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Unexpected harem

Alec was beginning to think he'd over done it with the magic pheromones. 

He'd only intended to get a bit of payback on his boss for the way he'd been used for his creativity the tossed out on his ass. 

Turning the older man into a cock sucking slut seemed like the perfect revenge for how he'd been treated. 

He hadn't counted on the pretty young secretary being there too. Although he he certainly didn't complain when she feel to her knees and joined her boss worshiping Alec's cock. 

He felt a little bad about the boss's teenage son and the son's girlfriend, they'd seemed like a nice enough couple, but there was no denying they made a hot couple of sluts. People just kept showing up! 

It wasn't until the passing janitor had joined the group that it even occurred to him to lock the door. 

Before he knew it he had his very own brainwashed and obedient harem. The only question now was what the hell was a recently unemployed graphic designer going to do with them?

Monday, 10 February 2020

New possibilities

I mean I'm a girl now so I suppose it's not that weird I'm attracted to my friend
Honestly it's kind of weird I never noticed how cute he is before.
But then again I still think his girlfriend Becky is really hot.
Hmm, I suppose a three way is out of the question...?

Friday, 7 February 2020

Lost in the woods

After being lost in the woods all night Josh was relived to have finally found his way back to the path.

Still, he couldn't help feeling he'd left something very important in among those ancient and mysterious trees.

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

From bull to bitch

Donnie "The Bull" Balesco had never been afraid of anything in his life. The best part of forty years breaking legs and worse for the Falcone mob had given him the idea he could just take whatever he wanted when he wanted, even when that something included the boss' hot young wife. So when Boss Falcone called him and told him to go shake down some mark that was behind on his protection he thought it was a little weird that he'd be asked to do something so smalltime but it never even occurred to him that he might be in trouble.

Following the directions he'd been given he made his way to a half abandoned mall. Passing the twenty-four hour gym, two thrift stores and the empty husks of of more prosperous days he located the scruffy curio shop and it's equally scruffy owner.

The old man had merely smiled politely when Donnie gave him his spiel. Shrugged as he'd laid out the brutal consequences of not paying the mob appropriate tribute. The only thing that had gotten a rise out of the old geezer had been when Donnie had casually toppled a display stand to emphasise his point. Only then had he reached into depths of his tattered bathrobe. Donnie tensed thinking for a moment he was going for a piece. He shifted his stance prepared to take any weapon off the old fool and teach him a lesson only to have the man blow a handful of pink glitter in his face.

Coughing he took a swing at the smirking shopkeeper but his head span and a strange weakness washed through his body.

"What the fuck" he coughed voice cracking and pitching higher "What is that shit? I'll fucking kill you.

A series of painful cramps forced him to his knees before he could make good on his threat.

Writhing on the floor he moaned as his body shrank and transformed. His hips cracked as they widened and his waist pulled in as if it was being squeezed by a corset. Pushing suddenly impossibly long hair from his eyes he saw his large strong hands change. They became slim and delicate as he watched. Long neatly manicured nails sprouting from the tip.

Invisible forces wracked his body pushing his chest out and squeezing his crotch with an agonising relentless pressure. When the changes finally subsided his clothes hung off his once powerful body. When he managed to force himself back to his feet he found he was now looking up at the old man.
"What, what happened to me?" he asked a plaintiff whine in his girlish voice.

As if answering his question his now baggy jeans and shorts chose that moment to loose their grip on his hips. They flopped to the ground revealing long smooth legs, a cute round ass and a tight hairless pussy.

Looking down he let out a bloodcurdling scream worthy of a veteran horror star. Grabbing between his legs and at the soft swelling on his chest he screamed again. Horror written across his pretty young face.
"Oh my God!" He panted "I'm a chick!"

Hard and ruthless as he was nothing in his life could have could have prepared him for the sight of his missing manhood. His knees buckled, his vision blurred and narrowed into a long dark tunnel as for the first time in his life he fainted dead away.

When he came back to his senses he found himself in a windowless room lit by a single bare bulb. Looking down he shuddered at what he saw. He'd dared to hope that his strange transformation had been nothing but a bad trip but the small perky breasts that jutted from his chest dashed that hope. Sitting up, his dainty feet not quite reaching the floor, he inspected himself. He was a girl alright, not even a woman, a girl no more than nineteen if he was any judge. Slim and petite he looked like the kind of cutie he'd like to spend some time with. That last thought bought a bitter laugh, if he was stuck like this then he'd certainly be spending a lot of time with this body.

He didn't know how this had been done to him but he could guess why. Someone had ratted him out to the boss. He knew about Donnie's fling with his old lady and this was his payback. it was the only thing that made sense, as much as any of this made sense.

He felt sick as he contemplated his fate. If he knew the boss at all he knew the man wouldn't stop at having Donnie transformed into a girl. There was much worse ahead for him he was sure and first the first time she was truly afraid.

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Unexpected Future

"I say Caruthers" the blonde girl grumbled her stuffy old fashioned English manner at odds with her appearance "It's really not cricket. This isn't what you proposed at all!"

"Calm yourself Benson old chap." the redhead told her sipping at her tea "I promised you a journey to futurity and here we are safely ensconced in the bodies of our distant descendants. True,
I had not anticipated that my device would follow the matrimonial line of decent but one has to expect these minor complications when exploring the frontiers of the unknown."

"Complications!" Benson blustered "Is that what you call this? Dash it all, we're a pair of fillies and half naked beside. Why, it's positively indecent!"

"Ha ha, is that's what's bothering you?" Caruthers laughed tossing back her long red hair "You surely didn't expect fashions would remain fixed in place for the best part of two centuries?"

"Well no, when you put it that way..." Benson conceded before giving a rueful chuckle "I suppose we should be grateful corsets are no longer a'la mode."

"Good man, that's the spirit." Caruthers agreed setting her cup back on the counter "Now come along, let us see what other surprises the world of tomorrow has in store for us..."

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