Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Discord quick cap: New Career

"Ha ha you're joking, right?" Jack forced a laugh even as his blood ran cold "You said this was just temporary. The bracelet was supposed to turn me into a girl for a few hour so you could take some dirty pictures and we could sell them for a bit of cash. Now you're saying I left it on too long and I'm stuck with these jugs forever?"

"Um, that's about the size of it yeah" Dan admitted still openly staring at the beautiful woman his friend had become, "Uh, if it helps you're really good at this porn star thing..."

Despite his fear and confusion Jack felt himself blush at his friend's compliment. As much as he wanted to be furious the truth was this was actually starting to feel pretty good. Could he really accept this new body and the changes it would mean to his life?

"You know," he said thoughtfully "I was thinking it's about a new career anyway..."

Quick caption inspired by post on discord. Drop by and join the fun

Monday, 10 June 2019

Starz in their eyes

No one was terribly surprised when the technology to remotely transfer a human mind into another body at a distance was almost immediately banned. The potential for abuse was obvious to everyone but once the genie was out of the bottle there was no putting it back. 

A thriving black market soon emerged. Back alley shops offered temporary access to the body of anyone you could think of. Celebrities, sports stars, the girl you had a crush on in high school, they could all be yours to control, the ultimate voyeurs fantasy. 

The authorities responded with harsh punishments for offenders, including forfeit of their own bodies. Despite this and dark rumours circulating about unscrupulous operators stealing customers bodies or trapping clients in virtual slavery business continued to boom, adverts like the one pictured becoming as common as adds for slimming aids and dating apps. 

Only the development of hyper-real virtual environments began to impact their popularity. Even today attractive celebrities live with the knowledge that their bodies could be usurped at any time...

Swap Meat: Chapter 1

Chapter 1:Swap Meat
This deliciously naughty story submitted by Nat via Discord.

“I don’t know why your so upset, it’s not like you did anything with it. Now that your cocks mine I can put him to serious use.” Spin smirked as she stroked her new equipment. “Imagine all the fun we're going to have with my new toy!
"No more periods, I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant, and I can pee standing up! Well, I guess that’s all fun for me.” Spin laughed. “Anyways the only way I will give you back this bomb pop between my legs is if you get down on your knees and give me a blowjob. I’ve always wondered how it feels. I also want to see what happens if I blow a load in my own pussy with your cum or should I say your pussy and my cum? Regardless, if you don’t allow me to demo my new member we will just have to stay like this and I’ll just find someone that will help me test this baby out. Anyways MY dick is getting me real horny so let’s get down to busy.”
What Spin didn’t realise was the more she used Nat’s cock the more it becomes her own. After cumming so much from masturbating and sex, the cum in Nat’s dick was all used up and Spin’s body stated to naturally produce more of her own. After learning this she wanted to get Nat’s girlfriend pregnant to see what her kids with another woman would look like, but that’s a story for another time.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Chyoa image; sexy witch

A newly minted witch gets a magical make over

Wonder-Jessica; Screen Test

Source  Original art from
Following the untimely death of studio founder R.K Maroon in 1947 and subsequent revelations about his involvement in the so called Clover Leaf scandal, control of the studio passed into the hands of the Toon Town chamber of commerce.

While investors were initially sceptical about the viability of a Toon owned and operated studio Maroon soon proved itself one of the great success stories of post war Hollywood.

This period is rightly remembered as a golden age for the comedy shorts that made the studios name but it is also worth noting some of the ambitious feature length projects that were developed at the time.

Perhaps most interesting of these is the planned Wonder Woman feature. Slated to star the multi-talented Jessica Rabbit as the titular heroine and intended as the first in a series of films staring well known Toon actors as golden age heroes. The project was ultimately shelved in favour of a cheaper and more commercial series of Musical Westerns staring Dead-eye Possum.

These costume tests, recently unearthed from the Maroon archive, offer an intriguing glimpse of what might have been...
From Only When It Was Funny: The untold history of Toons and Hollywood by B Bunsworth. University of Chicago Press

Friday, 12 April 2019

A grade student

My history professor was about to fail me and force me to flunk out of school. 
Lucky for me I'm better at sorcery than I am at history.
 A quick transformation spell, a little mental adjustment and he is now a she. 
A rather pretty she at that and helplessly in lust with me and my cock. 
She is only too happy to give me straight As and anything else I ask for. 
As long as I keep up with our extracurricular study sessions 

Wednesday, 10 April 2019


To the casual observer she looked like an ordinary woman sat at the bar waiting for  a friend or even a date. A more astute observer might note that the steel necklace she's wearing looks almost like a collar. A true student of human nature might wonder why she was watching the door so intently. Was it excitement or apprehension that flashed in her eyes each time a new customer walked in.

However, it's very unlikely anyone would ever guess the truth. That the pretty young woman wasn't a woman at all. That she was until quite recently a grad student called Greg. Her pretty face and womanly figure the result of trillions of nano machines swarming in her blood all controlled by the harmless looking collar around her neck. Only the man she now called master can remove the collar or change it's programming.

Greg can only wait for him and try to obey whatever perverted commands he has next.  Maybe if she pleased him enough she'd win her freedom or (much more likely) at least satisfy him enough to avoid being changed any further.

She could only wait and see.

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