Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Unexpected harem

Alec was beginning to think he'd over done it with the magic pheromones. 

He'd only intended to get a bit of payback on his boss for the way he'd been used for his creativity the tossed out on his ass. 

Turning the older man into a cock sucking slut seemed like the perfect revenge for how he'd been treated. 

He hadn't counted on the pretty young secretary being there too. Although he he certainly didn't complain when she feel to her knees and joined her boss worshiping Alec's cock. 

He felt a little bad about the boss's teenage son and the son's girlfriend, they'd seemed like a nice enough couple, but there was no denying they made a hot couple of sluts. People just kept showing up! 

It wasn't until the passing janitor had joined the group that it even occurred to him to lock the door. 

Before he knew it he had his very own brainwashed and obedient harem. The only question now was what the hell was a recently unemployed graphic designer going to do with them?

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